Probiotics in Yogurt

‘Probiotics are in yogurt, does that mean I should still take a probiotic supplement?’ We get asked this question quite a bit. Yes most yogurts contain probiotics but you need to consider how many CFU’s (colony forming units) and different strains each yogurt contains. Generally if the word ‘probiotic’ or ‘live bacterial cultures’ is written on the label it means the bacteria is still alive. Unfortunately pasteurization at high temperatures will cause the bacteria to die. Most yogurts contain 1 billion or less CFU’s per serve. This is quite a big difference compared to our Bio Fermented Concentrates which contains 6 billion CFU’s per serve and our 25 Billion Good Bacteria Probiotic capsules. So next time you’re at the grocery store deciding which yogurt to get, keep this in mind and check the label. Low sugar Greek yogurts are still a great source of protein and calcium and it’s a yummy healthy snack. Next time try mixing a probiotic supplement with yogurt for a beneficial gut loving snack. Otherwise enjoy them separately. 

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