Immunity Pack


Nourish your body with gut-loving probiotics and natural immune supporters to stay healthy and happy this winter.

  • Olive Leaf Extract boosts immunity and relieve symptoms of colds and flus
  • Probiotics beautify the gut to support brain, heart and immune system health
  • Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties relieve swelling and mild joint aches and pains
Olive Leaf Throat Spray Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf - Berry Bio-Fermented Turmeric


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Why You'll Love It

Rochway Immunity Pack contains Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Concentrate in Natural Berry flavour, one of our most loved immune products bursting with antioxidant-rich olive leaves and probiotics for a double-action approach to immune system health. The Immunity Pack line up also includes Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Throat Spray to harmonise the oral microbiome, freshen the breath and soothe the throat and mouth, as well as Bio-Fermented Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper, the ultimate anti-inflammatory, digestive support elixir.

The perfect pack to support your physical and mental health and immunity this chilly season!

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