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Anti Parasite Nutrition

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The Anti parasite nutrition

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  • The Anti parasite nutrition
  • Green Black Walnut(Hull
  • Clove (Flowers)
  • Pumpkin(seed)
  • Gentian (Root)
  • Hyssop(Leaf)
  • Cumin(Seed)
  • Cramp(Bark, Peppermint(Leaf)
  • Chinese Rhubarb(Root)
  • Thyme Leaf
  • Oregano(Leaf)
  • Fennel(Seed)
  • The Anti parasite nutritionTake 40 drops per day for 30 days
  • Take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water
  • Suggested to take Rochway’s 25 Billion Probiotic 30 minutes after Anti Parasite Nutrition Children 8 years + Half of the Adult dose


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